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Risk = Success



Hi, I am your Risk Coach Bre a National Certified Counselor, Former Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, Former School Counselor and Personal/Development Coach.  Coach Bre is here ready to assist in making your dreams become a reality.  After graduating from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (BA-Political Science) and Seton Hall (MA/EdS Professional Counseling), I did like many, I went to work to fulfill my pockets and did not consider all options that were in my reach. Let me just say I took many easier routes.  I have documented successful experiences, running a non profit, teaching, counseling and managing a small business.  I took time to gain experiences and now I am ready to empower you to find your niche and live an Intentional life.

As a Counselor, I have worked with individuals and always encouraged them to follow their dreams. It was my goal to also help them understand that a dream may change its course but always stay true to themselves.  In order to stay true to myself, I took a LEAP of FAITH and dug deeper to find a way to truly empower me and now let me assist in empowering you to live a true Intentional Life. 

As a business owner, I have always known that with my energy and drive that I could make a business for myself.  I learned from my parents that if you work for 50 hours a week or more for someone else, you definitely can do more for yourself.  My mother taught school and started her side hustle making flowers, until she opened up her own florist "Hollingsworth Florist," the first black florist in Raeford, NC.  My mother ran that successful business for over 20 years until she successfully ran for public office.  My father worked in the manufacturing industry and started his side hustle of owning a Radio Station, until he decided he would give "WMFA" all his time.  25 years later, WMFA is still a force in our community and one of the only black owned radio stations.  See I learned from the best how to turn your side hustle into your a successful "Full Timer".  I had to go through my own trials to get here but I am here now, with Intentional Visions, LLC.


Sabrina Hollingsworth Pierce
Risk Coach

The reason that I risk it all

The reason that I risk it all