Hey Sweet Pea,

I see you over there looking out the window, wondering how you can change your situation and live a little.  Yes, I hear you loud and clear, I know you have bills, responsibilities and too many needs.  But I also hear your inner soul crying to be free and live.  Sweat Pea, we have to start somewhere to change our circumstances, so why not start now? I have been there so the time we spend together to disrupt your norm, comes from a place of authenticity and love.  Before I could make it happen, I had to get real with myself, love her again and then introduce her to the new risk taker.  What I had to understand is that in order to disrupt my norm, I had to get centered, develop my vision, use my road map and be determined to live.  Yep, Sweet Pea, I had to choose me.  Now let's do this together.  Remember that you can never become who you desire to be as long as you are sitting in the window daydreaming about how life could be.

Risk Taker Bre