It's Vision Board Time

OMGGGGGGGGG! It is almost January and time to prepare for 2018.  Why not enter into the new year with set intentions, goals and a plan for success.  Over 17 years ago, I remember visiting my cousin in New Jersey and staring at this cork board with pictures and slogans.  After he sat me down and explained that vision boards help to keep you focused on bigger goals and they allow you to set goals that work towards your dreams.  He explained they set a reminder for you, that greater is in your reach.  As a college student, that stuck in my head and it was not until I really listened to Joel Osteen and did my own research that I fell in love and wanted to show everyone.  But how many of you know everyone is not ready to Make It Happen in their lives and think beyond today at the same time.  I must say it is time that I make me a new board as I have grown and now more is required of me.  Knowing that vision boards can help keep you grounded and focused is a great driving force.  

What to include in your vision board?

Include your ideas and dreams.  What does your ideal self look like?  Include your ideal business.  What does success look like for you?  Include your ideal mindset.  How do you want to feel, make others feel?  What qualities are you working on to better yourself?  What words describe you or your ideal you? Also include your ideals wants and needs.  What have you been dreaming about acquiring?  Place those items on your board and set goals to work towards them.  

Vision boards are not about pictures to just look at but it is there to empower you for more.  So get centered, set some goals, identify who you are, desire to become, and began to visualize it every day. 

I desire to create a safe place for women to develop, grow and empower each other to live out their best lives while creating a life they do not have to escape from.  At the same time, I desire personal freedom to do this that will be able to sustain my family.  I see myself speaking and empowering large groups while traveling to exotic locations allowing others to create their dreams.  My vision board will depict this dream, but I had to spend time with myself to get to this clear point.  

I invite you to join me on this journey because it is vision time.  Join me for more information on my first Live Manifest Your Vision Signature Class.  Let's do the work to go in to 2018 with trails a blazing.