Travel Is .....

To travel is to live.  To travel is freedom.  To travel is to awaken a sense of yourself that you have no clue existed.  AAAAAaaa the excitement I feel just thinking about traveling.  I am often unsure how, but I am never unsure if it will happen.  Traveling for me is a part of self care.  When I travel, I use that time to unwind, find myself, and refocus.  Data shows that traveling can improve happiness and satisfactions.  Sometimes you have to step away and evaluate what is and what is not working. Travel to learn more about yourself and discover who you really are.  


1) Set a date for a trip and make monthly payments.  A travel agent (me heheheee) can help take the search and worry part away.

2) Plan a group trip with close family members or friends that you really like.  Traveling together can draw you closer than you can even imagine.

3) Think about destinations where you can be adventurous, explore, develop a new perspective, and relax.

4)  If you do not want to worry about paying for items once there, think about an all-inclusive  or a cruise. "Caribbean Islands"

5) When planning, think about how you want to feel and plan from there.  Go where your heart and soul will be happy.

6) Never settle for any hotel but pay that deposit and never turn back.  Take the first step and make sure to do your research.  

Go away and become a Risk Taker..... We get one life to live so be adventurous.  

Travel to create your own dreams and create your own stories. 

Travel, Dream, Fall in Love