It is Okay - Refocus

"Planning is vital when seeking more in life BUT Evaluating what is and what is not working is just as important."

So we created vision boards at the beginning of the year.  But it means nothing if we do not revisit and refocus.  I set some big goals for this year and they were based on what was going on at that time of the year.  It is important to try your best not to set goals and visions around your feelings but rather around your mid/long term goals.  

The Mid Year Evaluation for me required total transparency (I was doing toooo much) and all of the place.  I had to go back and look at my ultimate goal and my vision board to regroup.  Somehow (wink) I let myself go mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  So this requires me to apologize to myself, shake it off, and vow to be better.  

Mid Year Summary: I can have everything that I desire but I have to make sure that I am effective.  Still writing the vision and manifesting it daily. Back to writing weekly and using my planner.

If this spoke to you at all, then remember to just apologize to yourself, shake it off, and refocus.  How can we help others, if we cannot help ourselves?

Can't wait to share more.........

Hint: - Intentional Visions is focused on creating risk takers through self care, travel, and vision building.