Power of Declaring and Believing

"I recognize the power of my thoughts.  Whatever I think can be conceived." 

Manifesto's are statements made boldly to others declaring your truth, intentions or even views.  When we talk about living an intentional life, it is important to set our standards, truths or what we will strive to live by.  Living an intentional life is not just setting goals but there has to be an overarching theme that we desire to live by.  When you desire to live out your truths, your goals, mission, and daily walk should fall under your manifesto.  You recognize that there is a purpose to your life, you not only think it but your actions start to line up with your thoughts.  You begin by setting your overarching standards and then line your long and short term SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goals to be in line with where your life is going.  This can be hard to do if you are anything like I used to be.  I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life until I sat down and got real with myself.  I had to have those vulnerable moments and allow myself to be upset with "me" and then push through to change the behavior that was not getting me anywhere in life.  In this moment, Intentional Visions was created.  Before I end today, I challenge you to think about your overarching theme for your life and start creating one, remember you have to get real with yourself first.  Join me as I walk with you through this journey, I am here ready to help you get there. So I leave you with my own manifesto for Intentional Visions. 


Yes We Stand By These Truths and Hold Them Close To Our Hearts:

We will love ourselves enough to never forget that we are important too.

We forgive ourselves for not following earlier dreams and holding back. 

We forgive ourselves for not truly trying new things out of fear or for shallow reasons .

We believe that we hold the power to change our situations.

We choose to live from this day forth working to combat every fear that holds us back. 

We commit to making sure that when we agree to do anything in life, that it has an intentional justification.

We commit to loving ourselves through self care, journaling, trying new foods, and traveling.

We choose intentional success and acknowledge that we hold that power.

We choose to surround ourselves with like minded souls that will encourage, support, hold us accountable to the fire, and challenge our divisive thoughts.

We choose to create courageous intentional missions and visions with invigorating dreams and achievable goals that lead to  "Make It Happen".

We acknowledge the importance to speaking positivity in our lives.