Manifesting Your Happiness, Dreams and Desires

The energy and thoughts that you put in the universe creates your reality.  

The Laws of Attractions simply boils down to, you get what you put out.  It is all about choosing to think positive and breathe life into situations.  You choose how you want to handle or address situations.  We all have situations that can take us to a place of no return but we can choose to stay in a place of misery or take our minds to a place of overcoming.  There are things that I desire in my life, so I started to focus on those things that can bring greatness in spite of.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of who we belong to and not what we are being faced with. In order to get to a place of speaking greatness in your life, you have to evaluate your life followed by clearing the clutter/distractions.  You cannot cultivate greatness when you have unaddressed baggage.  Begin to think, feel, and believe your desires but do not forget that there is work that you have to do.  "Faith without works is dead"  You can choose to speak, journal or visualize manifestations.  Whatever works for you is great but just start by finding a clear space and do the work.  It can be difficult to clear your mind to see greatness but know support is always there.