Intentional Visions Is..............

INTENTIONAL VISIONS is Creating Risk Takers Through Self Care, Travel, and Vision Building".  

This blog is dedicated to reintroducing you to why Intentional Visions was started. 

The defining moment for me was after I learned my own value. Without revisiting the horror story of my life, I realized last year that I could not and would not allow someone to devalue me as an Individual or as a Person.  It was after an unexpected moment that I realized, now was the time to take control over my destiny.  While I was preparing for Intentional Visions with a business coach, a job opportunity presented its self and I was unsure of what and how to move.  After a few months, YES, Rebranding is on its way. This is the YEAR OF YES!

Intentional Visions is truly about empowering women to take risk in their lives and provide a safe space to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially.  

In this season, IV is looking forward to selling planners, journals, shirts, jewelry, retreats, individual, group, and solo travel and finally gratitude/this time next year vision board.

My next blog I will let you in on my 6 goals that I am visualizing.  I will also invite you to join me to refocus the first 7 days of each month. August is right around the corner.