“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around” W. Nelson

Sometimes we get a little reminder to be grateful for where we are. This past week, I have been reminded to just be grateful, in spite of. Between work and social media, everyone seemed to be on edge and unsure of what was to come. This week, Hurricane Florence sent a chill and uneasy reminder. I am humbled and sincerely at a loss for words. So this week, I needed to document why I am grateful. I AM GRATEFUL FOR…….

1) Life

2) Family

3) Community

4) Lights, Water, Home, Car……..

5) Friends

6) Employment

7) To know my “why”

I may not have all that I want. I may not have all that I need. I AM JUST GRATEFUL!

Sending Love and Peace to those that were truly affected and really in need.