Finding Clarity Before Agitation, Discomfort, Stress, and Chaos

"We spend so much time working and tied to our desks ......... There's so much other stuff going on out there and we forget about it because we're so preoccupied with our jobs."  ~ Tracey Coleman

We receive so many warnings that we need to slow down and prioritize, but we tend to ignore them until something suffers.   Our bodies are yelling, stop and just be still for a moment.  How can we be excellent when we are doing 1,000 things?  I remember vividly 10 years ago when I had to quit my job because my body shut down.  I was just going, living, saying yes to everyone else but myself and along came stress.  It has taken me a while to commit to living an intentional life; I am finally there because I understand that I need to clear my mind and heart daily.  I see so many people just living and never fully experiencing life:  Going to work, coming home and taking care of your family or working all day and all you have the strength to do is lay down.  Life was not created to give, give, give, and never experience full joy.  Sometimes we need to step back and take inventory of our lives.  Daily can be hard at times, so I am committing to the first 7 days of each month.  Come and join me as we fight for clarity and become proactive, fighting for a healthier, freeing, intentional life.