Being A Risk Taker Is.....

Everything that I think about in this business will always come back to the words “Risk Taker”.  As I type I can feel the tears because I am grateful and I feel the growth in myself. Omg, I am scared and nervous but there are lives out there that need just a nudge. As maturing women, we have dreams, goals, and desires but life often gets in the way.  Lets take the breaks off.

Being A Risk Taker means taking a chance on your life, dreams, and ambitions.  Maybe you need to learn the definition of Self Care because you do so much for others.  Maybe you need to get out and travel by yourself, with girlfriends, with your significant other or maybe your family.  Maybe you need to write, picture, visualize, and speak your vision.  No more living with what if.  No more speaking “if” but rather “when” is our new norm.  

We will be clear about our intentions and the universe will rise up and meet us wherever we are.

Speaking Goal #1 - I will follow my heart and not allow doubt or the cares of others to stop me.  I will leave my truth and create my own lane.  Living Original and Authentic is the truth.

I am not looking to connect with every women, just only those that are sick of the status quo.  We don’t want what anyone else has BUT we want what is OURS.  The Tribe of Yes is about supporting and empowering others.  We may start with one or two BUT we will grow to thousands.  Creating Risk Takers, 1 woman at a time.  We worry about peace and living our own truths and not numbers.