Accountability Is.....

Accountability is accepting personal responsibility for your actions.  Yes, it is important to hold yourself responsible.  BUT sometimes we need an accountability partner to hold us to an attainable standard.  I will be the first to say that I do a great job coming up with goals in my head and even writing them out.  The part where I need the most assistance is consistency, this is where having an accountability partner would be helpful.  We all need someone every now and then to remind us of where we can be. Accountability and having a partner totally falls under Self-Care, as it directly affects your success.  Acknowledgment is the first step and I loudly announce that I need HELP.


1) It's okay to have multiple accountability partners, based on the area you are working on.  I am in need of a healthy partner to lose these lbs., a school partner to encourage me to push the next 4 years, and a self care partner to remind me to laugh and put things in perspective and order.  

2) Find a partner that you will not dismiss but respect their opinion.  

3) Believe in yourself enough to know when you need that extra push.

My weekly vow:

This week I will plan for my future more and find an accountability partner in each area that I need.