Why Is.....

"Why" can be a self-reflection of reasoning and questioning.  As we move and look forward, it is important to understand your "why".  When we understand our "Why", we have something to keep us grounded.  Your "Why" will be your compass, dreams, and motivations.  In many cases, we take on more than we should, could, or need too.  This means that the word "No", is not often used in our daily life.  If we know or consider our "Why"  when responding to request/needs = BALANCE.  As we grow and evolve, lets not take on more than we can handle. Finding your "Why" is inspiring and life-changing.  Fulfillment happens as we understand ourselves.


1)  Acknowledge where you are in life and all the good, bad, and ugly

2) Acknowledge your talents, skills, and passions

3) Acknowledge what makes you come alive

4) Acknowledge what is the life you want and what you are willing to give up for it

5) Choose one idea, that you can always go back to that will keep you grounded

6)  Make sure it is simple, clear, actionable, focused on giving back, affirmative, meaningful, and resonates with you. 

7) Thanks Simon Sinek, for the format  "TO _____ SO THAT _____"

 My WHY - "To empower, create and lead so that other women can find their "why" and create their ideal lives"  Creating Risk Takers