Self-Discovery Is.....

Self-Discovery is all about finding out who you are underneath the mask.

Self-Discovery leads us to understand our “why,” understand what motivates us. The ultimate goal is freedom and peace. When you begin to learn more about yourself then you start to remind yourself who you are and focus on whom you desire to become. As a working mother and wife, it is always my goal to spend time building myself up, but I am not the best in this area. Tips to start Self-Discovery, as it is a daily thing:

1) Acknowledge the past

2) Recognize your future desires through journaling, vision building, and or goal setting

3) Forgive yourself

4) Be clear about who you want to be in life

5) Explore what makes you happy

6) Acknowledge Your Strengths

7) Acknowledge the area you need to improve in and set goals

8) Spend sometime alone getting to know yourself