"Create A Life That Does Not Require An Escape"

It has been a month but now the Holiday's and the first few weeks of my new job are over.  It is now time to regroup and create my freedom.  I hope that you have created your 1 Word For The Year.  My one word is "Fearlessness" and I am ready to move into this year, saying yes to myself and my fears.  Things did not go the way I thought with the business plan but what I encourage you to do when things do not work the way you thought.........regroup and go with the flow.  My monthly affirmation for January is "I am determined to make it work".  Create your one word for the year and a monthly or daily affirmation.  Remind yourself of who you are and walk into who you want to become.   With trial and error, I encourage you to speak life into lifeless situations.  On Saturday, we started on the vision boards and I was able to speak and visualize my vision and goals for the  year.  I am determined to create a life that I will not have to escape from.  In order to do that, I need clarity.  Every first 7 days of the month, I invite you to join me to create this freedom by refocusing.  Sometimes, we cannot move forward until we get the thoughts out of our head and plan intentionally.