Taking Risk Takes Courage

"The Biggest Failure is Not Trying.  Be Willing To Be Uncomfortable and Fail Responsibly... BE THAT GIRL"

This week I wanted to return to talking about RISK, as this is what Intentional Visions is all about.  Intentional Visions is here to assist women and college bound teens with taking RISK in their lives.  "DISRUPT YOUR NORMAL"  My biggest risk beyond moving to Memphis, is starting this awesome life changing career as a Risk Coach.  You see I am willing to give up comfort for drive.  Now do not get me wrong, I still desire no I NEED comfort but on my terms.  There is a huge difference when you work for yourself against when you work for others.  To actually prepare to walk away from security is difficult BUT it is necessary to find your Intentional Vision.  I know when I look in my daughter's eyes, that being safe would be awesome but being a responsible risk taker is even better.  Responsible risk taker means that you do not just up and leave your job but you prepare and set goals (SMART...Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely).  For me that looked like networking, calling the Women's Small Business Center,  attending classes, listening to meaningful podcast, writing a business plan and seeking out others that have navigated a similar path.  You see I went full force and wanted to do as much on my own as I could.  Desiring to march to my own drum and work all those hours for myself, will show my daughter the importance of a hustle and not just hard work.  The courage to disrupt your norm can be hard and take a lot of discipline but we should all smell the roses.  Taking a risk for you may look like adding meditation or pray to your day, introducing self care activities into your routine, making a list of 10 things to experience in 30 days, selling the food or clothes that you make so well or even taking your first airplane ride.  Whatever it may be, know that you have it in you to become a risk taker.  Courage my dear, I speak courage over your life.  This week write one thing that you are dedicated to try that is outside your norm.  Join us, Receive your FREE Ebook and "Be That Girl" that is about her business. 

"The worst thing you can do is end up right here where you currently are, which really is not that bad"