Sweet Pea, Set Your Mind Free

"There was a time that I felt like I was running in circles but then I decided to free myself"

Have you ever wanted to do something or wanted something so bad, but the distractions always hindered your progress.  Distractions are there to keep us from reaching our goals.  We have the distractions of connectivity, comparison, and clutter.  Distractions of connectivity gets me every time.  I am so into technology that it stifles my growth. I wake up and the first thing I do is grab my phone.  There is a photo that states, "Dance through the street like no one's watching, because they are not, their checking their phones".  We have allowed smart devices and social media to take over our life and decide how we live.  There has to be a time where we challenge ourselves to spend more time with family without devices. (Ugh I am talking to myself right now) Lets challenge ourselves to pull away from reading about what others are doing.  This leads to the distractions of comparison.  We do not often realize it but we compare our lives with others so much that it starts to define what we accomplish in life.  Comparing can lead us into a state of depression or financial ruin because, who knows what tricks Sally had to do to get what she got.  Finally, the distractions of clutter.  There is so much going on in the world that our outer and inner lives are in chaos.  We do so much that our homes are full of mess and unnecessary items. We cannot focus on one task because as we call it multi tasking which keeps our mind running a thousand miles a minute.  

With all the distractions going on at the same time, how can we live Intentional Lives.  We have to become risk takers and make intentional decisions.  Let's start preparing for the next day at night or at the beginning of the week.  Let's plan our weeks on Saturday or Sunday nights.  Let's purposefully spend time with family and friends.  And most importantly let's spend some time with God and ourselves.  

I guarantee that if we start planning intentional lives that we will start to feel better.