Disrupting Your Norm

"When you get good and tired of being in the same spot, then you will decide that you are ready to disrupt your norm"

Deciding to become a risk taker means that you have to disrupt your normal routine.  Monday - Friday we get up at a set time and go to work.  Most of us follow a routine while at work and return home just to prepare to start it all over again.  We are so use to the norm that we get comfortable even when we are unhappy.  This could be in work, church, relationships, family life or even when it comes to taking time for ourselves, which we often forget to do.  I hear so many people talk about their dreams and goals but never take the necessary steps to live out their dreams.  There are so many great visions out there ready to be developed, cultivated, nurtured and brought to fruition.  You have to step outside of your normal activities and disrupt your norm. 

There was a time I would hear myself say, oh I don't have time to do this or time to do that but I surely had time to watch Love and Hip Hop, Real Housewives, Green Leaf,  Dance Moms, Young and the Restless, Power and any other show that had my attention.  I found time to get on social media, not to cultivate anything but just to live through others.  It took me a while to realize that I had to disrupt my norm, if I ever wanted more for myself and my family.  Disrupting your norm means to start using your time intentionally.  Get to know yourself, build your own mission statement, develop a vision board, or find your center.  One small thing that you could start with is just being accountable.  At one point in my life I had no clue what that meant, I only knew that if I continued to live through others, I would always be supporting someone else's dream.  My challenge for you this week, is to give up one thing that you find yourself giving a lot of time to (phone, computer, etc) and replace it with a journal to get to know more about yourself.  Starting next Saturday, I will present 7 Days of Disrupting Your Norm and I hope you join me on this journey to become a Risk Taker by Disrupting Your Norm.  Leave a comment or even better, join our subscription service to join 7 Days of Disrupting Your Norm.