My Very First Post

This can't be real! Am I really writing a blog? Well it has been said to “Write The Vision”.  Heyyyy Everyone, at this point, I probably should just say hey to myself lol.  I will be blogging weekly and what I believe will be to millions (Speak into the Atmosphere).  My original first blog was lost by Microsoft so letsssss try this again at 1:41am.

I would like for this post to be a vulnerable post as my first session with those that I serve, will always focus on being vulnerable and speaking your truth.  So how did I get here, wanting "you" to trust me.  This time last year, I started my school year excited to be a counselor.  It was my second year at the school and I was chosen to represent school counselors in North Carolina as an Emerging Leader on the North Carolina School Counselor Association Board.  During my high session, I was also faced with my toughest inner battle.  To know me is to know that I take pride in my job and strive to be the best even when circumstances do not match up with the vision.  Around October, things took a turn, in the midst of a conversation, my boss stated that we were not doing anything in our office and she could do our job without any problems.  While, I know she did not mean it, it was that moment that my very vision changed.   Walking around the office signing "So Long Bye Bye, Good Bye To My Pain And My Sorrow" were X'd in my  spirit but the words that meant the most from Jonathan Nelson's song I Believe were, "I trust In You" and " You are the God of miracles".  While singing those lyrics, I was fighting hard to get out, a job was offered, accepted and then rescinded for reasons that no one could explain.  Following that disappointment, a huge possibility became a "NO",  I began to question God.  I remember saying, "Lord if you love me then you would not keep me in this situation".  Things got better; however, the words had stuck in my spirit and went against the essence of who I really am.  While I was praying to be moved, my Pastor was preaching to be still.  I could not understand, why I was being punished at work, home and just daily struggles.  It wasn't until July 17, 2017, when my aunt invited me on a 8 day cruise that I spent time reading "Make it Happen" by Lara Casey, that the vision was born.  I even emailed Lara on that trip because I knew, it was the start of something GREAT.  There was a job offer when I returned and I turned it down because I knew, my calling would catch up with me.  Now I am here ready to serve "YOU".  This was a little snippet of how I arrived at this place and I hope you come back every Saturday to get  a little piece of encouragement or even experience a few more vulnerable moments.